Wire EDM Machines

Mitsubishi EDM’s new cylindrical drive motor offers a simple yet intelligent design concept. The round permanent magnetic filled shaft and surrounding coil forcer utilize the full power and efficiency of the 360-degree magnetic flux available. The non-contact iron free design provides smooth, friction-free motion without the cogging inherent in other linear motor designs.

The larger air gap between the shaft and forcer minimizes heat output and the effect of metallic shop dust on the system. Other EDMs are built using large flat-plate linear drives, constructed of iron core magnetic coils on the primary side and permanent magnets on the secondary side.  This design limits the effective magnetic flux to only half of its potential. It also tends to generate much more heat, struggles with the cogging effect caused by the iron cores and very tight air gap which makes it much more susceptible to metallic shop dust interference.

Mitsubishi introduced its first wire EDM into North America in 1978. Ever since, they’ve been at the forefront of the industry, bringing game-changing technology and advanced features to the EDM market. Mitsubishi revolutionized the industry with the first AE (anti-electrolysis) power supply in 1992. Until now, we have offered customers two styles of EDM machine– built for speed or precision. Finally, both can be accomplished in one machine. Beyond the new cylindrical drive technology, the new MV Series delivers design and engineering improvements to meet or beat the best of the best.

Other Advantages of Cylindrical Drive Motor:

• LSM (Linear Shaft Motor) is a non-contact design.
• No friction, no wear, no lubrication, no reversal error, no expansion due to heat, no noise.
• No iron cores in the forcer or shaft = no cogging.
• Not effected by shop dust or metal grinding dust.
• No need for pitch error or backlash compensation that needs to be updated over time due to wear.
• Eco-friendly, very energy efficient for low operating costs

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