High Speed Vertical Machining Centers

Complementary Technologies to Improve Your Productivity

Roku-Roku machining centers are the oldest and most accurate made. Founded in 1903, Roku-Roku centers are a perfect match for high-precision EDM shops looking for innovative ways to enhance efficiency, or as stand-alone centers when you need the ultimate in high-speed precision.

Roku-Roku centers combine high-speed calculation, smooth action linear guides and read-ahead control – providing a smoother finish and more accurate parts than other machining centers can produce.

Millennium Machinery has extensive experience incorporating Roku-Roku centers into automated manufacturing cells that reduce labor and boost productivity to unprecedented levels.

“Ingenuity and experimentation are the keys to success for F&S Tool, Inc. With Mitsubishi’s service and support and Roku-Roku’s versatility, this moldmaker isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving.”

F&S Tool, Inc. – Erie, Pennsylvania

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