Roku’s most powerful and largest high accuracy machine. Includes twin ball screws, HSK-E50 / 25,000 RPM Spindle.

When you start your search for a milling machine, there are a few things that every machine—regardless of size, make, or brand—should be able to accomplish. High speed, high precision, the ability to perform ultra-fine machining at the micro and macro levels, and much more.

The ZEUS-86 does all that, and more.  With internal cooling capabilities specifically designed to enable high-speed milling while minimizing deformations, production errors, or downtime, the ZEUS-86 delivers everything your shop floor needs in a high-performance milling machine. It can do all of this—while handling a workpiece up to 1,763 lbs. in weight.  The high-rigidity bed with ideal rib distribution guarantees static positioning accuracy of ±0.000080″ and ±0.000030″ repeatability.  The ZEUS-86 is capable of a wide spindle speed range (200 – 25,000 RPM) using an oil-mist lubricated spindle and a 20-HP AC spindle motor.

The ZEUS-86 is a unique member of the Roku machine family as it uses a Twin Drive System for the Y-axis.  This is a twin direct drive motor/ball screw system that is designed to move the large table and workpiece weight and still maintain its high degree of accuracy.

From productivity to profit margins, this is one big machine that’s ready to make a big impact on your business.

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